Miami Dolphins – Number One!

Yes we’re the Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins number one!   

Miami has the Dolphins, the greatest football team, they take the ball from goal to goal like no one’s ever seen, they’re in the air, they’re on the ground, they’re always in control, and when you say Miami, we’ll you’re talkin Superbowl!

Game Time!

So, I heard that song quite a few times Sunday, I went to my first Fins game in my life.  I even beat daddy, he went to his first game around 2 years old.  I got a little cranky in the first quarter, was still a little fussy by the second, but I actually slept through most of the third and fourth quarters.  

Anyway, we won, so it was a great day – and I got this super awesome monkey and my form-fitting cap, I am ready to go another time.  

Look at all the pictures and let me hear your love, MIAMI DOLPHINS!!!!  Yeah!!!

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