Disney is suing daddy!

 Uh oh!

Apparently my name is copyrighted for a new Disney production set to begin in 2009!  The main character is some kind of frontiersman (hey, that is a big word for such a little guy) set in the near future.   He hunts and traps dangerous mutated creatures, it is an animated CGI feature staring the voice of Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson) as the lead role; Raphael Reno.  

So, I guess this site will have to be closed down forever, because there is no way daddy is going to be able to figure out how to change that www address, he just isn’t that bright folks.

But then again, maybe this is all just some elaborate prank on you all, why would I do such a thing?  And on today of all days!

APRIL FOOLS, you knuckleheads.

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  1. avatardingus Says:

    You totally got me!

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