Easter 2009

I had a pretty darn good Easter, the day before I hung out with my Uncle Dave and his little ladies, then Mommy and Daddy and I traveled all over South Florida looking for that strange creature, the Easter Bunny.  By the time we found him, he had given away all his eggs.  When I asked daddy why the Easter Bunny laid eggs, all he could tell me was . . . marketing, whatever THAT means.  

Raph at Uncle Dave's Pool 

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We went to mass, dove into my basket, then went to Grandma Karen’s place where we ate like royalty and sang karaoke til the neighborhood dogs went hoarse from howling at us.  It was a great time, when we got home I barely remember hitting the sack.

But, the next day I had to mow the lawn, seems I am always outside working, but the lawn looks great, doesn’t it?

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