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All Hallow’s Eve – 2009

Sunday, December 6th, 2009


I was styling in my home-made barbarian outfit, don’t make me destroy you with my Axe and Magic Helmet!

Easter 2009

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

I had a pretty darn good Easter, the day before I hung out with my Uncle Dave and his little ladies, then Mommy and Daddy and I traveled all over South Florida looking for that strange creature, the Easter Bunny.  By the time we found him, he had given away all his eggs.  When I asked daddy why the Easter Bunny laid eggs, all he could tell me was . . . marketing, whatever THAT means.  

Raph at Uncle Dave's Pool 

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We went to mass, dove into my basket, then went to Grandma Karen’s place where we ate like royalty and sang karaoke til the neighborhood dogs went hoarse from howling at us.  It was a great time, when we got home I barely remember hitting the sack.

But, the next day I had to mow the lawn, seems I am always outside working, but the lawn looks great, doesn’t it?

My Very First Christmas

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Santa is on his way!

Well, it’s been awhile, but as you can see I have been really busy, so many people to see, so little time.  I took my first really long road trip, to Louisiana – home of crawdads and endless supplies of hot sauce with the most important ingredient of all . . . family.  You can see here I was eager to dress the part and had a great time visiting with everyone.

My first Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Well, I got to go to two thanksgivings today, gramma Karen and Molly Kay hosted us while Lola had to work, saving lives, and then we went to Lola and Lolo’s for a whole nother Turkey Day.  Not only that, I took my first step today, what a great Thanksgiving.  DSC09694.JPGI am growing up so fast, and I ate sooo much; I don’t think I need to eat anything else for three whole days.  Check out the amazing pictures, and if you want some head shots, please contact my agent, Daddy.

Survived my first Halloween, I did

Saturday, November 1st, 2008


So, Mommy and Daddy struggled with what to make me for my first Halloween.  They needed some sage advice and could think of none wiser than Master Yoda himself.  I still haven’t seen Star Wars, but I can’t wait – I mean, I need to learn all about this Yoda character.  All night I kept asking Daddy, what’s my motivation?

Of course, on October 31st, everyone’s motivation was quite clear – CANDY!!!!!

It tried to rain on us, but we were far too prepared to let a little typhoon slow us down, I just used the force to keep the rains at bay.  There are lots of pictures to follow, so grab a bag of popcorn, and enjoy them you will.